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  • Safate block valves DN 25 - 200 mm are made of steel grades: 20L, 20GL, 12H18N9TL, 12H18N12M3TL; with flange connection. Valves can be manufactured in following versions: with relief valves with or without manual opening device, with or without the bellow and with manual operation switcher (handwheel) either on the left or on the right.
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Relief blocks valve with switching devices is a complex pipeline valve system comprising two valves and two safety switching devices interconnected by a chain drive for the purpose of simultaneous control, in case if in terms of work it might be needed to switch off one of the relief valves; also, it is used fot the needs of simultaneous connection of another valve in vessels, pipes or processing plants for the petrochemical, chemical, energy, oil and gas processing, extracting, transporting, and other production.It can be used at temperate, cold and tropical climates as per GOST 15150.